CatfishingCatfishing is an enjoyable sport for people of all ages. No one is too young or too old to try it.

If you have the drive, you can learn the same techniques that master anglers use to catch trophy-sized specimens from the country’s various lakes and rivers. This book can be used as reference by anyone who wishes to start catfishing immediately.

Part 1 of the book covers the biology of the catfish. You will learn how catfish live and survive in the wild, as well as how these magnificent specimens are able to track down food and avoid predation.

The section Catfish Species From Around the World will show you just how varied this line of fish is. You’ll meet the fierce Candiru and elegant glass catfish of Asia. Then you’ll be introduced to the “Big Three” of North and South America: the flatheads, the blues, and the channels.

The Big Three Catfishes section of the book will give you a solid introduction to the three largest species of catfish in the United States.

You’ll learn about the catfishes’ biology, physical traits, habitats, feeding habits, and reproductive behaviour. There’s also a special section under The Big Three Catfishes that will help you determine the age of a catfish that you’ve caught by simply looking at its length and weight.

Part 2 of the book focuses on techniques and strategies for catching catfish. The first section of Part 2, Catfish Myths: Debunked! will help clarify any misconceptions you may have had about catfishes in general and the sport in specific. You’ll also learn how to fish for catfish and how to choose the right rigs for catching these magnificent fish. Everything you need to go catfishing is contained in this book.

Happy angling!