Clicker Training

Clicker TrainingMaster Clicker Training in 7 Days was designed to assist pet owners in their quest to train their pets (especially dogs) through operant conditioning. Operant conditioning focuses on natural behaviors and shapes those behaviors through positive reinforcement.

The book is divided into two parts; the first part of the book focuses on the majority of the theory behind operant conditioning, and the second part focuses on applying these techniques well. For a concise definition of clicker training, see the section What Is Clicker Training?

To see how you can begin the process of clicker training your pet, read the section The Preliminary Step: Loading. If you want to know more about how clickers can be used to capture behavior so that you can reinforce these behaviors, see Capturing Specific Behaviors with a Clicker. For a short explanation of how phases are used in clicker training, you can check out the discussion in Small Steps, Big Results.

Clicker training is often misrepresented for the simple reason that people generally don’t know any better – discover the myths and truths behind clicker training; head over to the section Common Misconceptions About Clicker Training. If you are ready to train, read the FAQ first: Frequently Asked Questions: Clicker Training. Applications of the theories can be found in the second part of the book. Good luck!