Dog Food Recipes Ebook

dog food recipes ebook The book that you’re reading now was created with one main goal in mind: to educate the loving dog owner about to how to create healthy meals for his or her pet dogs. Obesity and other health problems arise in dogs because of poor meals and diets, which is why this book has a cautionary tone when it comes to giving your dogs table scraps and human food items. The first part of this book covers a comprehensive range of topics so that you have complete knowledge of your dog’s nutritional needs.

The three major macro-nutrients are covered in the sections “The Truth About Proteins,” “Should Fats Be Avoided?” and “Carbohydrates in a Dog’s Diet.” Mineral supplementation is also covered in detail in the first part of the book, right after the section “In Focus: Micro-nutrients.” You can find out more about foods that are harmful to dogs by reading the section “Danger Ahead: Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs.” For owners of senior dogs with feeding problems, you may want to skip ahead to the section “Feeding Older Dogs: The Puzzled Owner’s Guide.”

All the recipes for homemade meals can be found in Part 2 of the book. Part 2 of the book has two sections: “Treats Galore” and “Snacks and Quick Meals.”