Golf Swing Ebook

Golf Swing

The volume that you are now reading was designed for beginning golfers who would like to maximize their time on the green. Golfing is an extremely enjoyable sport and everyone should feel free to try it, regardless of gender and age.

Master Swing: The Secrets of Expert Golfers aims to provide the reader a bird’s eye view of the different areas that can affect a person’s level of play. This volume is divided into two parts. The first part of the book provides an overview of the equipment and culture of golfing.

The second part provides exercises and skill-building techniques. For more information on golf balls, read the section “Golf Balls Galore”. There is also additional, related information that can be found in “Compression Levels” and “Standard Golf Balls”.

If you have never bought golf clubs before, you can refer to my special section on the purchasing process. The section is titled “Smart Tips for Buying Clubs for the First Time”.

For more information on the different kinds of golf clubs available commercially, refer to the section “Types of Golf Clubs”. To find out what affects your performance when you use certain kinds of clubs, please see “Club Play Factors”.

If you have signed up for golf lessons as of late, you will benefit from reading my take on golf lessons which can be found in “Maximizing the Benefits of Golf Lessons”. I have also prepared a special section that will teach you the basic etiquette when golfing. These guidelines can be found in “Navigating Golfing Culture”.

Part 2: Swinging Away focuses on skill-building and exercises that will help the novice golfer reach greater heights in this sport. For the toolbox of tips that will help you develop your very own version of the Mega Swing, check out the final section of Part 2.

For exercises that will help you develop a stronger back and a more flexible core, refer to the exercises outline in the first part of the second half of the book.