Grip Strength Ebook.

Grip Strength. Steel Grip: The Science of True Grip Strength was designed for beginners and intermediate resistance training practitioners who wish to focus on conditioning and strengthening their fingers, wrists, and forearm muscles for enhanced gripping power.

This book reveals the most effective approaches for improving grip strength found anywhere in the world. For a concise explanation of grip strength, read “Understanding Grip Strength” found in Part 1: Introduction. If you wish to use only the best training principles when conditioning and training your fingers and wrists, read the section “Essential Principles of Training”.

For more information about the advantages of developing better grip strength, head over to “The Value of Grip Strength”, also found in Part 1 of this volume. To learn more about the different ways that grip strength can be expressed or used, head over to “The Anatomy of Strength”.

Part 2 of this book contains a rich selection of different exercises. For beginners, I recommend the following exercises first: “Hand Grippers”, “Tennis Ball Squeezes”, and “Wrist Roller”. For those who wish to enhance their grasping and clamping strength, try exercises like “Block Weight Lifting” and “Thick Bar Weights”. I have also included several Russian kettlebell exercises that can greatly enhance a person’s gripping strength when done regularly.