Grow Mushrooms Ebook.

growing mushrooms The book that you are reading now, Growing Mushrooms for Profit and Pleasure: The Definitive Guide, was designed for beginning and intermediate mushroom growers who wish to delve into the finer points of cultivating edible mushrooms at home. This book is divided into three parts. The first part of the book deals with the general method of cultivating mushrooms in four distinct phases. If you want to know more about mushrooms in general, and what they are, head over to the introductory section titled “What are Mushrooms?”.

If you want to know more about the general method of cultivating the fruiting bodies of edible fungi, you can start reading the section “The Basic Process of Growing Mushrooms” located in the first part of the book. Information about pure fungi culture can be seen in “Phase One – Obtaining Pure Culture”. When you’re done obtaining the pure culture of the target species, you can go ahead and create grain spawn. Learn more about this topic in the section “Phase Two – Creating Grain Spawn”.

When that phase is done, you need to learn how the initial grain spawn can be increased for mass inoculation. You can find out about this step of the process in the section “Phase Three – Increasing the Grain Spawn Supply”. And finally, when the spawn is ready for the substrate, read the section “Phase Four – Bulk Inoculation”.

Information about how to collect the fruiting bodies can be found in “How to Harvest Mushrooms”. Specific information on cultivating oyster mushrooms can be found in Part 2: Cultivating Oyster Mushrooms. Enthusiasts of the shiitake mushrooms should head over to the third part of the book.