Improving Vision Ebook.

Improving Vision

Many years ago, I started experiencing headaches and blurry vision, which, as you may imagine, did not help me in the workplace at all. I do paperwork for an auditing office, and I also work in front of a computer at least six hours a day.

After more than ten years doing what I do best, I started getting the headaches, and the blurry vision. I already had prescription glasses, but I found that these didn’t help alleviate the headaches and the vision problems I had.

My doctor told me that the vision problems are the result of years of eyestrain and poor eye care. I was shocked at the idea that I did not take sufficient care to my eyes. I did not want the vision problems to persist (nor did I want them to get worse), so I set out to discover what steps I needed to take to ensure that I did not do more damage to my eyes.

I wanted to have clear vision well into my senior years. I believed that if nature itself was the source of a health condition, (and deteriorating vision is a health condition), then nature probably had a solution for it.

There was a lot of trial and error along the way, but I made sure that when I did hit upon something that did work, I jotted down what exactly I did to make the step effective. The book you are reading now is the result of many years of research.

This volume represents the pinnacle of my own personal journey towards clearer vision. I wrote this book so that the special knowledge that I gained was not wasted. I wanted other people to benefit from this great information, too. My vision has vastly improved since I started using the steps outlined in this book.

I am not promising you the moon and the stars, but I can promise you that the stuff I will be sharing with you in this book will help promote better eye health. Healthy eyes provide clear vision, always – unless you have a specific eye condition that prevents the eye structure from receiving visual stimuli properly.

In that case, you may want to visit your doctor for advice. I’m all for natural methods of health improvement, but if you have a condition that might take away your eyesight for good, you need the help of a professional healthcare provider. When you are well again, you can then try out the natural methods to complement the treatment or therapy provided by your primary doctor.

This part of the book will be covering some general steps that you can take to start improving your eye health. In the following sections I will be sharing with you some in-depth information on proper nutrition, supplementation and eye exercises.