Improving Your Memory Ebook.

 Improving Memory

The human memory is one of man’s most important tools used to survive in modern society. In the ultra-competitive world that we now tread, having a poor memory can equate to having an extremely difficult time in school or at work.

We need to have good memory to handle the information overload that is characteristic of our day and age. Whether a person is a poet, artist, accountant or businessperson, he still needs good memory to respond to life’s daily demands.

Since you are reading this book, we are going to assume that you have experienced poor recall and this might have possibly been a source of distress for you.  Having poor recall may have also prevented you from excelling at work or at school.

If you have ever been embarrassed or extremely saddened by poor memory, it is time to smile once more, because contained within this book are the holistic solutions that will help you improve your memory by addressing this complex problem in its entirety.

The Nature of Human Memory

When a person is born, he has already been equipped with everything he needs to develop an excellent memory that should serve him well past his prime.

So if you have poor recall now, that simply means that you were not able to exert the right type of effort to improve your memory before.  This also means that the time is ripe to maximize your use of your own memory.

But before we can do that, we must understand what memory is in the first place.

We can liken the human memory to a dynamic, enormous data bank that analyzes and stores all forms of stimuli during our waking and sleeping moments. The human memory is so efficient that you can actually train yourself to remember a significant portion of what you dream of at night.

The human brain constantly receives stimuli of all forms during our waking hours.

It is responsible for making sound decisions and is also responsible for remembering. The task of handling all the functions that are required of the human brain is handled by billions of brain cells. Brain cells are not only capable of communicating with one another, but with the other various systems that keep the human body running smoothly as well.

The brain may well be the most important organ in the human body. Without it, all organ and organ systems would shut down.

Because of its numerous functions, it requires a large amount of oxygen. It consumes an estimated twenty percent of the total oxygen gained by the body during respiration, which is also why a person who is deprived of oxygen for a few minutes is already considered in peril.

Before we delve into memory improvement techniques, we must first establish a baseline or theoretical foundation about memory itself. So what is human memory? In a nutshell, memory is the capacity of the human brain to receive, store and recall information about the world we live in.

Memory is by no means secondary to other conscious brain functions.  Without a functional memory, a person would not be able to learn anything. And without learning, human life would be extremely limited.

Now, one must not confuse the entirety of human memory with one of its most well-known sub functions – recall. A group of people can have healthy, normal brains but they will have varying capacities to recall information. What accounts for this variation between individuals?

The difference lies in the way we hone recall – because recalling any kind of information is actually a skill that can be learned and improved continually.

There is no age limit to this. Whether you are 25 or 75, you can still take the steps to improve your memory. The only obstacle perhaps is one’s drive (or the lack of it) to succeed in improving one’s memory.

However, if you are the type who likes overnight results, you may be disappointed since no effective memory improvement technique works overnight.

But if you want an approach to memory improvement that will serve you for the long-term, you have come to the right place. This book is all about long-term memory improvement that you can use to enhance every aspect of your life from school, work, and of course, daily living.