Lactose Free Ebook.

Lactose Free This book was designed for people who are suffering from lactose intolerance and people who think they might become healthier by avoiding dairy products entirely.

Every year, millions of adult Americans suffer from lactose intolerance needlessly. People don’t need to suffer anymore. Contained in this book is a wealth of information that I have collected through the years as I shifted to lactose-free living. Lactose-free living is a lifestyle, it’s a diet, and it’s a whole new way of looking at things — especially cooking.

Part 1 of this book contains basic information about lactose-free eating and lactose intolerance. If you still have doubts about shifting to dairy-free eating or lactose-free eating, you may want to read the section “Got Milk?” because I explain what would happen if a person with lactose intolerance continues to eat dairy products. This section also has some information about how you can easily shift from regular eating habits to dairy-free eating.

If you want more information about lactose intolerance, check out the section “In Focus: What Is Lactose Intolerance?” to find out what happens in the body when lactose sugar is not digested properly.

I have provided a lengthy explanation of this condition so you can also explain to your loved ones why you are unable to eat dairy products. As for a general demographic of lactose intolerance sufferers, you’ll find that in the section “Who Is Affected?”

Important distinctions and facts about lactose intolerance can also be found in the section “Quick Facts: Lactose Intolerance.” Are you wondering about whether you have lactose intolerance? Find out more about the symptoms in the section “Are You Suffering From Lactose Intolerance?”

For information about treatment, check out “Treating Lactose Intolerance.” Lactose-free recipes can also be found at the end of this book, in Part 2.