Leaky Gut Syndrome Ebook.


Leaky Gut

What if someone told you he could “cure” your autoimmune disease?   It doesn’t matter if you suffer from a disorder as common as allergies or as painful and stubborn as fibromyalgia.

What if you could experience health, vitality, and energy again?  Imagine being pain-free.  Imagine the ability to free yourself from a chronic disorder like irritable bowel syndrome, or even alleviate the symptoms of your rheumatoid arthritis.

If you could do something that held even the hope of easing these symptoms, wouldn’t you be willing to investigate it a little further?  If you’re like thousands of others across the nation, you’re probably nodding your head in agreement.

But, you remind yourself, if there were such a solution — what would it be and why haven’t I heard about it before this?  For that matter, why hasn’t my doctor told me about?

Legitimate questions, indeed.

In all likelihood, your doctor may never have heard of this syndrome. Most allopathic doctors don’t know about it.  And those who have don’t put much stock in the syndrome.  They have a difficult time believing that it’s a real health concern.

You have to find a naturopathic doctor or one specializing in integrated medicine to find a professional health care provider who’s knowledgeable in this condition.

For this reason alone, it’s nearly impossible to estimate with any accuracy how many persons are affected with this problem.  Some alternate health professionals have theorized the number affected could even be in the millions worldwide.

It doesn’t help that many professionals who do recognize and diagnose this syndrome attribute a wide-ranging and varied assortment of unrelated symptoms to it.  The symptoms range from fibromyalgia, gluten intolerance, muscle cramps, food allergies and sensitivities, and even acne.

The failure of many conventional doctors to recognize this disorder doesn’t make it any less real.  It just means you’ve been suffering for too long . . . visiting far too many specialists . . . and enduring far too many different proposed remedies.

Relief . . .The elusive goal

And I don’t need to tell you the result of all this misinformation and ignorance.  You already know it, because you’re the one living with it.  You’ve found no relief. You still have the same pain you did when you first started . . . only perhaps now you’ve been the recipient of untold numbers of prescription medications.

Oh, yeah, not to add insult to injury, but natural health care specialists say that one of the causes of leaky gut syndrome is . . . well, overuse of prescription medications — specifically antibiotics.  Ouch!  What an ironic turn of events.  In your attempt to discover relief, you have been unwittingly making your condition even worse.

So, what are you to do?

At this point, you’re probably ready to throw your hands up in disgust and say there’s no hope of you ever discovering if your problem is — underneath it all — due to leaky gut syndrome.

Ah!  Don’t give up, not yet at least.  That’s what this book is all about.  It’s your personal resource and reference manual to help you understand the complexity of leaky gut syndrome.  It’s also chockfull of advice (that you can start using nearly immediately) to help you identify and overcome this complex health concern.

I’ve not only detailed what leaky gut is and what causes it, but I’ve even devoted a chapter to how your personal health care provider goes about making definitive, accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosis: The first step in healing!

Once you have a diagnosis in hand, then leaky gut becomes far less mysterious and menacing.  An accurate diagnosis also provides you with the beginnings of the possibility of an effective treatment.

Together, these events can provide you with something you haven’t felt, I suspect, in a long time: hope.

Because once you know you’re suffering from leaky gut, you can take the necessary steps to overcome it. And yes, I’ve provided you with a variety of ways that you can start healing your body.  From diet to dietary supplements to herbs and beyond, you can choose the solutions that work for your specific, individual health problems.

Visit your health care provider Before you begin

I have one word of caution, though.  Before you get excited and embark on any program, you need to consult a health care provider.  It may mean finding a reliable naturopathic doctor to guide you, or you may need to visit a good, reputable integrated medical clinic.

If, however, you’ve truly been suffering with what turns out to be leaky gut, you need to discover relief — and quickly.  The effort you make in this direction is well worth.

Imagine . . . living pain free and symptom free again!