Metal Detecting Ebook.

Metal Detecting Metal detecting as a hobby and pastime has never died out because interest is constantly renewed by beginning metal detectorists with their hearts in the right places. This book is dedicated to all people who wish to try this wonderful activity. Hopefully, your lives will be enriched by the experiences that you collect along the way.

This book is divided into two parts. Part 1: Introduction provides a broad overview of metal detecting. It gives you easy-to-follow history of both metal detecting and the people who practice this hobby — metal detectorists.

Exploring Private Properties will give you all the information you need to deal with difficult land owners when you want to explore a particular piece of land that might yield historical relics, coins, or even gold nuggets.

The section Purchasing a Metal Detector for the First Time will aid you in buying a metal detector. You’ll learn why you never want to buy one online.

This book also lists the code of ethics that every metal detectorist should follow. You’ll see that in the section Rules of Thumb for Metal Detectorists.

In Part 2: Let’s Go Treasure Hunting, you’ll discover the different activities that a metal detectorist can engage in, from prospecting gold to looking for historical relics from the great wars of human history.

The section The Detectorist’s Backpack will show you how to pack your equipment to reduce the load on your back and improve your balance on uneven ground. The Detectorist’s Garden is useful for beginners. This section will show you how to create a test garden for your new metal detector so you can become more accustomed to it before going out in the field.

When you’re ready, head over to the section Footwork in the Field so you can start to learn how to scour a particular piece of land for valuables. You’ll also learn how to transect land in the section Locating Potential Spots for Metal Detecting.

Past this section, you’ll learn how to find treasure near roads (Investigating Roads & Paths), farms areas, and other agricultural spaces (Farm Markers & Stone Walls: The Perfect Hunt Sites), and even how to prospect for gold (Prospecting for Gold).

I hope you enjoy your new role as a metal detectorist as much as I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with you. May the god of metal detecting shine upon your path, brave detectorist!