Paleo Diet Ebook.

Paleo DietWelcome!  You’re about to start an insightful, healthy journey.  You’re about to meet your inner caveman, as strange as that sounds, and learn how to keep him healthy.

But more important than that, this journey is all about improving the quality of your modern diet, of your physical — and emotional – health, and of the overall quality of your life.

If you’re like most of us, you haven’t even realized that you have an inner caveman (or cave-woman as the case may be), let alone realized that you may need to actually nourish him or her.

While “nourishing your inner caveman” is a clever phrase indicating a need for a change of eating habits, it’s more appropriate and a more accurate description of a very successful eating plan than you ever thought possible.

A new way of eating: Digging up the past for A healthier future

As you might have already surmised, this new eating plan I’m presenting really isn’t new at all.  In fact, it’s probably the oldest diet around.  I really can’t confirm that every caveman had six-pack abs, though some authors claim this is so.

But our ancestors were fit.  They walked for long distances in search of big game, and they walked in search of fruits, berries, and nuts.  When food options dwindled in one location, they migrated to a better place to live. (A new cave home, if you will.)

Think about it. How far do you walk in a day? How far could you walk? (Therein lies the real question!)  Are you fit enough to walk several miles?  Most of us pale in comparison to the caveman’s ability to excel in physical activity.

Many of us sit behind desks for most of the day, then complain about having no energy when we come home as we sit in front of the television eating our processed, packaged foods.  Frozen pizzas, restaurant carry-out, quick-and-easy fixes after a rough day at work…. And don’t forget those treats we think we deserve:  potato chips, corn chips, cheese puffs, and more!

Sure, they’re convenient.  But what exactly is the price we’re paying for this convenience?  An ever-increasing incidence of diabetes and obesity for starters. Plus a growing rate of asthma, arthritis, and an increase in autoimmune diseases.

Never thought of that as the price?  It may be a coincidence that what many nutritionists label the “Standard American Diet” creates an acronym that spells out the word SAD.  But it’s an extremely accurate description of how we eat in the Western World.

Yeah? You say, But a caveman diet?

Perhaps trekking millions of years back for an answer to the problem we’ve dug for ourselves (with our forks, no less!) seems a bit extreme to you.  But once you learn how our prehistoric relatives ate prior to the advent of agriculture, you’ll certainly have a different opinion.

This new eating style is based on the theory that the genes we as modern humans are actually the result of life conditions which formed more than a million years ago in our evolution, even before the advent of agriculture.

Farming, the cultivation of wheat and other plants, did not even exist until approximately 10,000 years ago.  The Paleolithic Era, the period from which this eating plan is derived, ended about 20,000 years ago.

We now place those two statements together with the fact that genes take hundreds of thousands of years at a minimum and two million years at most to adapt an organism’s metabolism and physiology to different lifestyles.  That means we’re still working with a system that’s more comfortable with a non-agricultural diet.

The bottom line is this: the 10,000 years since the advent of farming is not nearly enough time for our genes to adapt to not only grains, but legumes and dairy products.  You can see why so many people have so many digestive issues with today’s diet.

That’s what this book is all about. Not only are you about to learn that you do, indeed, have an inner caveman, but you’re about to learn what foods and nutrients he’s craving.

In Chapter One, I outline the hidden and not-so-hidden health dangers of the current diet of the western world.  You’ll be introduced briefly to the dangers of additives and flavorings.  And I’ll explain the ultimate consequences of consuming too many of these so-called foods: a growing list of degenerative diseases.

Chapter Two outlines how your ancient ancestors ate prior to the advent of agriculture.  You’ll learn what they ate before they discovered they could make wheat and other grain foods.

We’ll explore the incredible health benefits that returning to that eating pattern might hold for you.  Not only will you hear the opinions of nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, and public health officials, but you’ll read the results of the latest clinical trials and research.

SAD: Standard American Diet

Chapter Three tells you how you can trade the Standard American Diet for a healthier, simpler way of eating.  We’ll cover specific foods you should avoid, as well as the foods you can enjoy in unlimited amounts, and foods that should only be eaten in moderation.

But I’m not going to leave you high and dry there, hoping you somehow incorporate this new eating lifestyle into your life.  Chapter Four helps you plan your meals so you can achieve success.

I’ve also included a few recipes based on nourishing your inner caveman to help kickstart your journey.  These recipes are only meant as a beginning.

Finally, Chapter Six presents you with a list of 26 tips, tricks, and techniques to help you get over the bumps along the road as you travel towards your ultimate health goals:  increased energy and less fear of degenerative disease.

As you travel on this healthy journey, you’ll discover the wonderful diversity of foods and meals you can enjoy. Nourishment that not only will satisfy you, but will please your entire family as well.