Persuasive Speaking Ebook.

Persuasive Speaking My book, The Power of Persuasive Speech, centers on basic techniques that can be used to persuade people in a variety of situations. The book is divided into two main parts.

Part 1: Introduction deals with the preliminaries of persuasion and how it relates to human communication. If you want to know how ethics enters the picture, I invite you to read the section A Word on Ethics, which is found in Part 1 of the book. For a clear definition of persuasion, you can check out Persuasiveness Defined to get a simple yet enriching view of persuasion and its applications.

The picture would not be complete without a discussion of human emotions and their role in the persuasion process, so I prepared a dedicated discussion of this topic in Emotions and the Subconscious.

If you aren’t too familiar with the persuasion process, don’t worry. Read the section Primary Pointers on Persuasion for a quick course on what this skill is all about.

Part 2: Master Persuasion contains tips, tricks, and guidelines for increased persuasion. The Domino Model presents a simple communicative model for persuasion that everyone should follow if they wish to use a more organized approach to persuasion. Parts of this communicative model will also be discussed in the section Components of the Domino Model.

Are you ready for the hard truths about persuasion? If you are, head over to the section The Ten Truths About Persuasion. For persuasion strategies, I have compiled a whole set in the section Quick Persuasion Techniques.

For strategies that deal specifically with expression and projection, read Are You Confident With That Voice? I have also prepared some tips for building your storytelling mindset and skill in the section The Power of Storytelling.

Storytelling is an important component of persuasive speech and this skill should be developed alongside persuasive strategies. For tips on negotiating more persuasively, you can check out the section Negotiate Persuasively.