Pet Sitting Ebook.

Pet Sitting Pet Sitting Unleashed: Master Pet Sitting in 7 Days was designed for anyone who wants to try pet sitting as a part-time job or a full time career. This volume contains a bit of everything, and attempts to share with the reader the most important issues concerning pet sitters and pet sitting in general.

The book has been divided into two parts. Part 1: Introduction provides the reader an overview of the pet sitting field and what it entails. Pet sitting should be treated like a true business, as you will be dealing with different customers and responding to a specialized market.

If you would like to read about a summary of what pet sitting is all about, read the section “An Overview of Pet Sitting”. The section “Taking Care of Business” covers the basics of starting a pet sitting business, and how to get your business to the largest local market as possible.

There is also a special section on avoiding scammers: “Avoid Getting Scammed”. For top advice on how to make your new business boom, head over to “Ensuring Your Success as a Pet Sitter”.

For an introduction on what you should know as a pet sitter before you even start your first day on the job, do read the section “Asking the Right Questions While in the Field”. For information on damage control when dealing with a dissatisfied customer, read “Handling Dissatisfied Customers”.

Part 2: Building Your Pet Sitting Knowledge & Skills covers the most important groups of information related to animal care. For information about pet hazards and poisons, head over to the section “Common (And Not So Common) Pet Hazards & Poisons”. There is also a section devoted to dog care (“Handling Dogs”), cat care (“Handling Cats”) and bird care (“Handling Birds”).