Pregnancy Diet Ebook.

Pregnancy DietThis book was designed to help people make healthier food choices during pregnancy. The focus of pregnancy nutrition is to boost a pregnant woman’s existing diet so it includes all  the vital nutrients necessary to help the mother and the fetus throughout the pregnancy.

For an in-depth introduction to pregnancy nutrition, please read Part 1: Proper Nutrition for Pregnant Women. If you are curious as to why the nutritional needs of women change during pregnancy, head over to the section Special Nutritional Needs of Pregnant Women. For a comprehensive list of nutrients that pregnant women need, see the table in the section Nutrient Table for Pregnant Women. For information on increasing caloric intake during pregnancy, check out the section General Caloric Adjustments. For a discussion as to whether or not you should purposefully try to gain weight during your pregnancy, read the section Should Women Try to Gain Weight During Pregnancy? To find out more about protein intake, you can check out the section Protein Intake During Pregnancy. 

If you are ready to modify your diet so it provides the necessary nutrients for you and your baby, you can go straight to Part 2: Exploring the Nutrients for a Healthy Pregnancy.