Run Faster Ebook

Run Faster Accelerate! Run Faster in 7 Days is a book for beginner and intermediate runners who wish to increase their overall speed and endurance. This volume utilizes a holistic approach in producing the desired end result: more speed and power on the track.

This book is divided into two main parts. The first part of the book contains the essential preparations for running, as well as guidelines for safely conducting oneself during a run. If you are a complete beginner and have absolutely no idea how to go about this activity, read the section “New Runners, Over Here!”.

For an explanation of the walking and running method, head over to “The Walking/Running System Explained”. For more information about stretching exercises that you can use before and after a run, you may refer to the section “Stretching for Better Form & Peak Performance”. To see a concise list of ideal foods for runners, head over to “Fast Facts: Runner’s Nutrition”.

The second part of the book contains expert strategies and proven techniques for improving performance during a run. Your performance during a marathon or a simple run is dependent on how you actually train your whole body.

To see if your running form is in good shape, you may read the section “The Anatomy of Proper Running Form”. For more information on the various styles of running, please read “The Different Forms of Running”. Are you having trouble developing your endurance? Fear not, as I have prepared a program just for you. You can find this program in the section “8-Week Endurance Training Program”.