Skin Care Recipes Ebook


Skin Care Recipes

Have you noticed?

You continue to use cosmetics… products promising you an acne-free life, anti-aging results, smoother glowing skin….

But the more you use these products, the fewer results you see.  If you’re like millions of other people, you may begin to feel they only prove to be a waste of both your money (the best of these products come with a hefty price tag!) and your time.

There very well could be something else that is being “wasted,” too… your very health.  It’s true!

Every year, Americans buy nearly 50 billion dollars worth of cosmetic products.

The cosmetic and skin care industry is definitely a huge market. It includes the soaps and gels we use every day, as well as acne treatments, anti-aging skin products, deodorants, moisturizers… well, you get the point.

From the looks of things, there appears to be no end in sight when it comes to market growth.  Each and every year, thousands of new treatments are created, tested, and brought to market.

But if they aren’t improving your skin, reducing your acne symptoms, smoothing your skin, reducing or lessening the effects of wrinkles… then what’s the use of your skin care rituals?

Even the so-called natural and organic cosmetics seem to carry potential dangers — despite the soothing assurances of commercials and manufacturers.

Our largest organ: Barrier or sponge?

One of our misconceptions of our skin — our body’s largest organ — is in the fundamental function it plays.  Many of us (including me for the longest time) think of it as a barrier.

It keeps environmental toxins from entering our body.  It protects us in the winter from the effects of the cold.  It guards us in the summer from the ravages of the UV rays of the sun.  This is a misconception we need to correct.

Your skin acts more like a sponge, soaking up everything it comes in contact with.

If you put cosmetics on it with less than healthy — even toxic — ingredients, guess what happens?

All the potentially toxic items soak directly into your skin and into your system.  Surely there must be a better way to make you look and feel better without putting your health on the line everyday!

Toxic free skin care Right at your fingertips

What if I told you there were products available that are natural, and many times organic that wouldn’t harm your skin or endanger your health?

What if I told you there were products you can use and be absolutely sure of the ingredients you were using?

What if I told you the ingredients for these outstanding skin care remedies are waiting for you right now in your very own kitchen? All you need to do is gather the items and make them.

Are you crazy, you ask?  No, I’m not.  They aren’t difficult to create and the advantages of these treatments are huge!

What could homemade skin care recipes do for you? Consider these results, the very same ones that you see advertised on television and in magazine pages:

  • Hasten collagen production
  • Improve your skin’s moisture content
  • Boost your skin’s ability to protect itself from environmental toxins
  • Reduce the effects of free radicals that can damage your skin
  • Encourage and stimulate the renewal and repair of your skin cells

If you believe you’re incapable of making such therapies, think again.  It doesn’t take much time, it doesn’t take any fancy equipment, and it doesn’t take much space.  You could even get started today!

Where should you start? With the recipes in this book!

Okay, you’re considering the health advantages and thinking about the relative ease of making your own skin care products.  But even if it’s true, where should I start?  I have no directions or recipes for such products.

That’s where this book comes in.  Now you do.  This book is a compendium of some of the easiest and most effective skin care therapies around.  They are easy to create and they all come with years of proven use.  Many of these formulas have been handed down for generations from grandmother to mother to daughter.

Many of these recipes were created by professional herbalists who studied for years and put their wisdom to use devising the most effective remedies.

Imagine pulling honey and milk out of your kitchen cabinet, perhaps adding a smidgen of one or two other ingredients, and making a moisturizer that makes your skin radiantly beautiful and healthy.

That’s what this book comes down to.  It provides you with starter recipes for facial scrubs, moisturizers, and more!  I say starter recipes because once you become experienced in creating these easy treatments, you’ll experiment to find the perfect proportions for your personal skin type.

As well you should.  The number one advantage of making your own therapies is so your skin can receive the optimum beneficial effects possible.

More than just A recipe book!

But this book is more than that!  Chapter 1 discusses The Problem: the inherent dangers of the modern cosmetics industry.  I provide you with only a handful of potentially dangerous and toxic ingredients included in almost every commercially available treatment.  Some of these items are even found in products proudly proclaiming their naturalness and their organic nature.

With a little more research of your own, you can discover even more dangers, deceits, and damages you can expect from these products.

In Chapter 2, I present you with The Solution: the inherent advantages of creating your own recipes, therapies, and treatments.  I’ve included directions for making facial scrubs and masks, moisturizers, under eye treatments, and even soothing massage oils.

Many of these require only the items you probably have in your kitchen cabinets right now.  Some of these treatments use natural herbs.  If you grow an herb garden, you may be lucky enough to have these herbs right outside your kitchen door.  If not, don’t worry. Fresh herbs (which are highly recommended) can be found at local herbal shops and many health food stores.

But think about this.  If you intend to create these treatments for the long term, you may want to consider growing your own herbs.  You can start small with a windowsill garden.  Then you can always expand to a small outside garden.  But that’s for later down the road.

Right now, let’s get started by arming you with vital information about the dangers of the state of the modern American cosmetics industry.  Then we’ll talk about the ease and advantages of creating your own skin care items!

Follow me to Chapter 1. Together we’ll discover some of the dirty little secrets to the cosmetics industry and its potential dangers to you and your family!