Sugar Glider Care Ebook

Sugar Glider Care

The book you’re holding now is a product of my own experience in taking care of sugar gliders for many, many years. Sugar gliders can be great companions – if you know how to bond and take care of them. This book was designed to reduce the learning curve associated with acquiring a new sugar glider. Taking care of a sugar glider need not be complicated or difficult at all.

This book has two main parts. Part 1 of the book deals with the preliminary considerations before you buy a sugar glider. If you want to know more about the sugar glider’s basic characteristics, head over to the section “What Is a Sugar Glider?” for a concise guide to this great pet. To know more about the sugar glider’s appearance, read the section “Physical Characteristics of the Sugar Glider,” also found in Part 1 of this book.

Some sellers try to trick people into buying potentially ill sugar gliders. Discover these tricksters in the section “Beware of Sugar Glider Rescue Groups.” I have also prepared a checklist for those of you who may want to buy a sugar glider at the soonest possible time: The Sugar Glider Buyer’s Checklist.

Part 2 of the book deals with handling, nutrition, and care of the sugar glider. A whole section has been dedicated to an extensive discussion of sugar glider nutrition: “General Nutritional Considerations.” For information about the complex colony behaviour of sugar gliders, head over to the section General Guide to Sugar Glider Physiology, Behavior, and Interaction.”