The Australian Shepherd


Loyalty.  Unconditional love.  Companionship.  A nurturing nature.  These are just a few of the amazing characteristics you’ll discover when you allow an Australian Shepherd into your heart and your

Australian Shepherd Ebook

An Australian Shepherd is not only one of the most beautiful canines you’ll ever encounter, he’s also one of the most loving.  I can see why you’re considering adopting this breed.  He would make the perfect companion for you and your family.

Or would he?  While he’s loving and loyal, he also hails from hardy working stock.  He was bred during a time when dog breeders were searching for a better working dog, not a more beautiful one.

So what does this mean to you?  You’ll truly understand once you bring your new “Aussie” home.  The first thing you’ll learn about him is that he’s an active dog. A dog who can’t help but herd children and other small dogs.  He’s also a nurturing dog.  He simply adopts others – both dogs and people — and loves them.

Being an active dog, it’s especially important that he gets room, your time, and your patience.

What This Book Is

All About

That’s exactly what this book is all about.  Its purpose is not only to show you how to be the very best Australian Shepherd parent you can be, but to help you make that final leap into ownership.  We’ll ask you some questions about your lifestyle, about your environment, and about your own level of physical activity.

All aspects of your life are important in determining your suitability for sharing your life with one of the most remarkable dogs you’ll ever meet.

It’s a fact!  Everyone loves an Aussie — how can you not?  But not every family is suited to own one. Are you?

It’s a question you need to deal with honestly.  Owning this tremendous breed is far too large a commitment and responsibility to enter into without considerable research under your belt.

Once You’ve Decided . . .

. . .  that the Aussie is your perfect dream dog and you’ve made that commitment, then this book takes you through every important facet of your dog’s life — from how to choose your first puppy, to caring for your older Aussie.

The Ultimate Guide to Australian Shepherds talks not only about “puppy proofing” your home prior to bringing your Aussie home, but also helps you understand his nutritional needs, his unique health conditions, and how to housebreak and train him.

And because he can be such an active dog, we’ve also included a section on how to help keep him physically active.  You’ll definitely appreciate some of these suggestions.

And, oh, by the way… the Australian Shepherd did not originate in The Land Down Under.  Surprised?  I sure was.  But keep on reading.  The following chapter details this breed’s history — and tries to understand exactly how this dog got his name.