The Fatty Liver Diet Ebook.

Fatty Liver Diet Ebook. The book that you are reading, The Fatty Liver Solution: A Holistic Approach to a Healthier Liver, was designed for individuals who have been diagnosed with simple fatty liver, or NAFLD.

The book features a three-tier holistic approach to losing weight and detoxifying the body through diet and exercise. The book is divided into two main parts.

The first half discusses the disease itself, while the second part presents solutions to fatty liver disease. For basic information about NAFLD, or non-alcoholic fatty live disease, you can read the section “Disease Overview” found in Part 1. Vital facts about the liver can also be found in “Fast Fats: The Human Liver”.

If you want more information about how this disease can progress, you can reference the section “The Four Phases of Fatty Liver Disease”. If you haven’t been diagnosed with a fatty liver, but feel that you may have it, read up on “Simple Fatty Liver Symptoms”.

There is also a section on the known causes of this disease in “Known Causes of NAFLD”. There is also a special section on drugs that may cause fatty liver disease (Drug-Induced Liver Problems).

Part 2 of the book features the three-tier holistic approach for individuals who wish to transform their diet and lifestyle. For an overview of the three-tier approach, read the section “The Three-Step Holistic Approach”. For more information about natural detoxification through diet and exercise, read the section, “Phase 1: Major Detoxification Underway”. More information about consuming raw food can be found in “Taking It Raw”. The role of exercise is featured in “How to Detoxify the Body With Exercise”. A complete list of tips have been included in “The Detox 100 Food Guidelines”.

After the detox phase of the program, you may now go on to the second phase. An overview of phase 2 can be found in “Phase 2: Transition to a Healthier Tomorrow”. The bulk of the guidelines can be read in “Completing the Transition to a Healthier Diet & Lifestyle”. Phase 3: Maintenance, is all about ensuring that you don’t fall off the bandwagon after phase 2.